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Did you receive positive results on a recent pregnancy test? If so, it’s time to get an ultrasound. An ultrasound can tell you a variety of factors about your pregnancy and can confirm whether you have a viable pregnancy that can be carried to term. Learn more about what an ultrasound does and why you need one below and then contact us to schedule your pregnancy confirmation appointment free of charge.

What does a limited ultrasound do?

A limited ultrasound is a non-invasive procedure that utilizes high-frequency soundwaves to project a picture of the inside of a woman’s uterus onto a screen during the first few weeks of pregnancy. Using this image, a sonographer can determine several things.

The first is how far along you are. This image shows how many weeks you’ve been pregnant based on the size of the fetus and the estimated day of conception.

The second is finding a fetal heartbeat. Finding a heartbeat is an essential step in determining whether you have a viable pregnancy. If no fetal heartbeat is detected, it still may be too early and a follow-up appointment may be made or it could mean that you may naturally miscarry.

The final factor is detecting the pregnancy’s location. Normal pregnancies develop in the uterus, but if your pregnancy is developing somewhere outside of the uterus, like the fallopian tubes, you may have what’s called an ectopic pregnancy. An ectopic pregnancy is a serious medical condition, so this is discovered, we will refer you for immediate medical assistance.

What to do after an ultrasound

If it turns out that you have a viable pregnancy, your next step is to learn about your options. At Aspire Together, we offer options education for women facing unplanned pregnancies. We provide a confidential, non-judgmental environment for you to discuss parentingadoption and abortion and get your questions answered.

Our staff knows that this is a tough decision, no matter what you choose, which is why we are focused on giving you the information you need to make an informed, confident choice about your unplanned pregnancy. Contact us to schedule your pregnancy confirmation appointment or options education appointment today.

To learn more about how we can help, feel free to call, text, or fill out the contact form, whatever is most convenient for you! To schedule a free & confidential ultrasound, click on the schedule appointment button below. We’re here for you!

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